All you need to know about the pumpkin spice hair trend

All you need to know about the pumpkin spice hair trend via

Pumpkin spice hair trend

Pumpkin spice hair trend&nbsp

The monsoon season is all about acing different types of colours. While people like to opt for sun-kissed shades, the latest hair colour trend that is taking over Instagram feeds and Pinterest walls is the pumpkin spice hair trend. The season is witnessing the resurgence of this copper-shaded hair colour that suits all kinds of skin tones. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re fair skin or melanin-rich, everyone can pull off this hair trend. However, the one important tip that people need to keep in mind is that the red undertone in the hair colour should suit your skin shade. If you have a lighter, pale complexion, then copper-toned or strawberry blondes would look perfect. 

Similarly, if you have pink or red undertones, your hair will look better with a dark red like ginger or auburn colours. If you have warm-toned skin or darker skin, then blue or purple-based reds will compliment you best. 

Here are 5 ways how you can ace this trend: 

Pumpkin spice ginger

This texture is all about vibrancy and acing nuclear orange tones. If you have a warm undertone to your skin then this colour would be the apposite choice. 

Cinnamon brown

If you’re nervous to fully go red, then opt for a cinnamon brown shade. The rich brown tone with cinnamon fits the widest range of skin shades ranging from a warm beige to expresso. 

Fire engine red

This is a fiery red colour that has a tinge of blonde in it. You can upgrade the colour trend with colour blocking by coloring one section of the hair bright red and the other section jet black. 

Amber glow

This is a mix of copper and warm brunette in an amber glow. This creates the perfect combination of depth and bright eye-catching vibrancy. It is known to be a dimensional brunette shade for the fall season.

Natural copper blonde

This shade is for someone with a fairer skin tone to medium neutral skin tone. People who have yellow undertones or a warm undertone should avoid this shade as it will complement pale skin with a blue undertone. 

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