New Mountain Dew and Pumpkin Spice take over trending for August 11

New Mountain Dew and Pumpkin Spice take over trending for August 11 via

(WKRG) — I feel like I should start with an apology. We are talking about pumpkin spice in August!

But I digress. I am a PSL fan, so bring on this cup of noodles.

‘Yes, really’: Pumpkin spice-flavored noodles heading to Walmart

The ramen noodle company says the new flavor will sit on Walmart shelves this October. The fall-inspired cup is not soup-based. The noodles are saucy and made with pumpkin seasoning.

The special release is part of the company’s 50th anniversary. For a full pumpkin spice experience, they recommend you top the cup with whipped cream.

Handcuffed man hijacks ATV in wild chase caught on video

Things like this are sure to go viral, a man in handcuffs broke away from officers in Oklahoma this week.
After running into the woods he stole a four-wheeler and a chase began.

One helicopter caught the chase on camera, the pilot saying the ATV was going nearly 70mph.

There is no information on why the man was originally arrested. After cops blocked dirt roads in his path, the suspect crashed out in muddy water and was back in custody.

The helicopter pilot said he has seen many chases but nothing like this.

PepsiCo and Boston Beer teaming up for alcoholic Mountain Dew drink

We may have a new summer favorite next year from Mountain Dew. Pepsico and Boston Beer are teaming up to create an alcoholic mountain dew drink.

The 5% ABV beverage will be called Hard MTN Dew and will be similar to seltzers on the market today.

We have to wait a bit before we can try it, the release date is set for early 2022. Despite being Mountain Dew, it will not have any caffeine.

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